How to Use Insta-Flo Drain Cleaner

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You must use HOT WATER to activate
Insta-Flo's dry, odorless crystals

SMALL DRAINS: When fixtures begin to drain slowly, it is usually due to the build up of grease, hair, soap scum or bath oils. To prevent complete stoppage, let HOT water run to warm lines. Add one cup of Insta-Flo directly into drain opening. Let hot water run until all chemical is dissolved. Let stand one minute then flush with HOT water. To keep drains working properly, add 1/2 to 1 cup of Insta-Flo once a month. If drain is completely stopped up, use a cable to open drain to allow water to flow then add Insta-Flo as directed above, to ensure a proper working drain.

GREASE TRAPS: A regular treatment of 2 lbs. of Insta-Flo for each 100 gallons of capacity will greatly reduce the costly pumping and cleaning of your grease trap by keeping the grease and suspended solids in a liquid form, allowing your grease trap to function properly. Insta-Flo may be applied at any drain leading to grease trap. Pour in dry and follow with enough HOT water to dissolve all chemical. Allow Insta-Flo to stand in grease traps as long as possible, overnight for maximum results.

SEPTIC TANKS: Insta-Flo has no equal when it comes to maintaining a septic system and keeping it in proper working condition. To prevent costly pumping expense, use 6 lbs. of Insta-Flo to start immediate bacteria action in a 500-gallon capacity septic tank. Add 6 lbs. of Insta-Flo once a year to prevent the build up of grease and solid waste in laterals. This will ensure a proper working drain field and prevent costly repair or replacement.

SEWERS: Insta-Flo is not systemic. It will not harm trees or shrubs. For slow-draining 4-inch sewer lines, use 6 lbs. of Insta-Flo, a proven heat-producing formula that will liquefy grease and solid waste, allowing them to wash out of sewer lines. For lines 60 feet and longer, a second application may be required. Insta-Flo may be applied directly into sewer or opening leading to sewer. Add enough HOT water to dissolve all of the dry chemical. The use of 6 lbs. of Insta-Flo once a year thereafter will usually keep the line in a sanitary working condition.

Keep face away from fumes and do not allow Insta-Flo to come in contact with skin, eyes, mucous membranes, clothing, aluminum, floors or paint, etc. NOTE: Do not use in disposals or toilet bowls. Do not mix with other chemicals or drain cleaners. See MSDS for more information.